Our story begins with a boy and a girl who put faith in their feelings. The boy was completing community college in Florida, and the girl was graduating high school in the Lone-Star State. Unaware of the other, both were sure of the same feeling; God was calling them to attend art school in Chicago. Once in the big city and attending their fancy art schools, serendipity found them at a weekend gathering of college-aged Christians called Fall Retreat.


The girl was prepping her Pac-Man costume for the Halloween dance party. The boy, who had snuck in minutes earlier, was watching her apply the final touches. Referring to the water cooler nearby, she asked “Could someone get me a drink from the Culligan?” (the boy’s surname). She had just decided earlier that week to refer to all water coolers as “Culligans”, thus providing the boy a perfect opportunity to interject, “That’s my name!”


The boy was smitten from the start, but for two years reserved himself to the fact that the girl was out of his league. They stayed friends during this time, yet each knew very little about the other—until one day the girl answered a phone call to the sound of heavy breathing. “Let me get off my bike.” the boy panted, “I have something serious I need to talk to you about.” The boy stumbled through asking the girl on an officially romantic date. She waited patiently for the boy to finish and told him she would need time to deliberate. He went without an answer for an entire week until valiantly chasing her to another Fall Retreat. Two years after being first introduced, the two sat down beside a moonlit lake. The girl gave the boy her full attention; allowing him to express the severity and sincerity of his intentions for pursuing her. He asked her again if she would grant him a date the following week.

That night the girl answered, as every question the boy would ever ask, with a timely and graceful “yes”.